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    MarQuis Trill University was established in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by business magnate MarQuis Trill to provide invaluable information on topics like computers and technology, finance, investing, coding, social media, mental health, cryptocurrency, business, entrepreneurship, fitness, education, content creation, personal development, entertainment, music, lifestyle and resource tools for success. 

    In 2021, MTU started an educational university with courses, blogs, website, e books, live streams and videos for people all around the world. MTU launched off a drop in social media app called ‘Clubhouse’ that MarQuis Trill built a large following over 150,000 followers that wanted more direct information from him other than speaking on the app. As result 4,300 people from clubhouse instantly subscribed the first day which funded an increase of content and services for its students. Additionally, MarQuis Trill University strives to establish highly selective courses and content to meet criteria to success in multiple categories. MarQuis Trill is recognized as one of the top independent business magnate entrepreneurs in the country for creating blockchain technology, social media platforms, brands and vision to the world. 

    MTU provides several programs to assist students to learn as much as possible with a low price thats affordable for low, medium and high-income people. MTU is curated by MarQuis Trill himself displaying an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex social problems for people. You will learn everything you need to be successful, smarter and understanding human this place we call earth. 

    Technology and Covid-19 disrupted the origins of being in the classroom, creating room for online universities such as MarQuis Trill University providing people with an engaging and informative educational experience. MTU mission is to provide over 250 courses in over 18 subject categories, not only do you learn from entrepreneur extraordinaire MarQuis Trill. You will also learn from world class people that have mastered in their field of choice. Content will be in video, graphic, live and audio format to fit your schedule. MarQuis Trill University is decentralizing the education system and revolutionize the world of who people learn from.

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